Products certified by the SOLS

All ÆTERE’S products are the result of a technical but also a stylistic quest, with the best suitable materials and the most effective workmanship methods choosed in order to obtain a product that goes through a rigorous quality control prior to be defined “done”.

This product has been treated in order to acquire a peculiar finish, a stylistic effect obtained exclusively with handiwork techniques. For this reason it’s impossibile to guarantee full appearance homoge- neity for all products: look variations are absolutely normal and must not be considered imperfections but rather the evidence of the uniqueness and origi- nality of the product you selected.

SOLS develops research projects to improve the energetic quality of life and the environment in which we live, proposing and certifying a whole series of new technologies defined NEW SCIENCE TECHNOLOGIES.

With this aim, SOLS scientific department researches the environmental conditions and the ideal energy potentials to achieve an optimal level of psychological well-being, devoting its activities toward the development of a new cultural paradigma of environmental health defined ENVIRONMENTAL PREVENTIVE HEALTH CARE.

  • PHI / PHIwater

    PHI / PHIwater

    Personal Harmonizing Instrument
  • Orpheus


    Indicated in all situations of high electromagnetic pollution


    Device that operates on the condensation of the electromagnetic
  • Clearlux


    Specific instrument for solvency and condensation of not biocompatible electromagnetic components
  • Domus


    Specific instrument for the condensation of telluric interferences
  • TAU


    Toroidal Amplifying Unit
  • Sinapsi Keystones

    Sinapsi Keystones

    Building Blocks of Armony


    The laying of the "Vault Stone" and the fifth Element Harmony
  • MiniBlack EV

    MiniBlack EV

    Mains filter for the condensation of the non-biocompatible electromagnetic component
  • Ojas® EcoBionizer AERSwiss Pro Blue

    Ojas® EcoBionizer AERSwiss Pro Blue

    Swiss-made, 4-step air treatment system
  • Ojas® EcoBionizer AERSwiss Pro Gold

    Ojas® EcoBionizer AERSwiss Pro Gold

    Swiss-made, 4-step air treatment system
  • e-Spira


    To "clean" electricity effectively at the local level
  • DBS


    Digital Balance Set
  • Rigenera


    Environmental Reset
  • Phaser


  • Max Phi

    Max Phi

    Ionized alkaline water energized with MAX PHIWATER™ technology, the natural antioxidant