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Past and present studies led AETERE’S™ to identify the causes that are behind the incorrect use of environmental energy potential.

Present living and working environments are often based on a utilitarian vision of space that paying little or no attention to the man’s bio-psychic sphere needs. This brings to inevitable and often serious consequences to the occupants’ health and well-being.

A new branch of scientific research is being developed to study the interaction between energy environment and biological systems; this discipline is called Geobiology.

Our attention focused on that “subtle” energy and geobiological component that is neglected or even ignored in the context of environmental energy assessments but which turns out to be very important and fundamental about the actual environmental energy quality.

Our attention has focused on that “subtle” energy and geobiological component that is neglected or even ignored in the context of environmental energy assessments but that is  fundamental for the environmental energy quality.

We could divide the whole range of distorted energy components – i.e. the DISORDERS – in three macro categories:

  1. Natural or Geotoxicological disorders
  2. Artificial disorders: Electrotoxicological (Electrosmog, Dirty electricity and electromagnetism in general)
  3. Hybrid disorders: as result of the contextual interaction between the previous two.


At the beginning, the aim of our research was to find the most suitable solution to ‘express’ and ‘propagate’ subtle vibrational information through sound.

The possibility of translating and expressing subtle information has been identified in particular mathematical and geometric ratio that have been digitized and developed in algorithms. Then these algorithms became operational software aimed at harmonizing frequencies that propagate in living space and /or along the electrical network.

The development of such algorithms has led us to the design and construction of a coherent technology: TOROIDAL TECHNOLOGY

Two essential objectives have been achieved:

  • Increased analytical and emotional listening capacity of the listener.
  • Harmonization of the listening place through an instrumental operation that we call: “OVER Space”: Optimized Vibrational Enviroment Rebalancing Space. It is literally a question of operating on Space, Optimizing and Rebalancing Environmental Vibrations. The result is essentially to condense each electromagnetic disturbance and dissolve the noise produced by the electricity grid.

The next step in the research was to develop instruments capable of filtering, cleaning and condensing the inevitable disturbances that the electric flow produces in its own passage but and, above all, to create operational software capable of harmonizing as many polarized frequencies/vibrations as possible.

There is a wide range of energy polarization, which we will call for convenience DISORDERS, because they have a negative interference effect on the human energy system. We can say that the various non-biocompatible interferences have essentially three different “natures”:

  1. Natural disorders: Geotoxicological
  2. Artificial disorders: Electrotoxicological (Electrosmog, Dirty electricity)
  3. Hybrid disorders: the result of random and contextual interaction of the previous two.

With an adequate instrumental installation we are able to “convey” and radiate, through a power line, any type of information that we process, almost instantly, in every possible space and with a very low power dispersion, exploiting the power line as a propagation channel and the electric current, clean, as a thruster.

Ætere’s™, integrating the wealth of information from tradition with contemporary scientific innovation, developed a series of instruments in which filtering/condensing devices and frequency harmonization algorithms operate synergistically,.

The choice of adoping very powerful carriers such as electricity then allowed the three-dimensional propagation of this information in space, making it bio-compatible and “life promoter” again.

Aeteres Technology: Life Promoting Technology


Digital energy harmonization information

Our research is based on the integration of the latest scientific and experimental evidence in the field of Environmental Toxicology, Geotoxicology, Electrotoxicology and Biophysics.

The synthesis of these knowledges has led ÆTERE’S™ to identify the dense and “subtle” causes that are the basis of the non-biocompatibility of certain environments and the incorrect use of environmental potential energy by living organisms.

This combination started the research, development and realization of a Technology able to interact, by resonance, with the various distorted “polarized” environmental energy frequencies, filtering, condensing and rearmonizing them.