The PhaΔser embodies the new and improved version of the phase-finder.

Inserted in any domestic socket, it clearly and immediately shows both the presence and the exact phase marking thanks to the back window that lights up with different colors depending on findings.*

The PhaΔser, moreover, reveals the very frequent cases of “double-phase”, (when there is not a clear distinction between neutral and phase on mains) and also the absence of the earth grounding.*

Security sockets, (due to legal regulations) make impossible the insertion of almost any other object except for regular plugs.

Using a traditional phase-finder, the “screwdriver” kind, requires therefore the opening of the mains receptacle to access the naked wires: not just unconfortable but quite dangerous indeed.**

The PhaΔser, instead, is shaped like any other plug, and just looking at the back window it easily and safely tell you the mains line state. Furthermore, the additional information showed by the PhaΔser are not available with any other tradional phase-finder and don’t require any specific expertise.

The PhaΔser circuit is hosted inside a standard Schuko plug. It may be used with any kind of adaptor an has the further advantage of not requiring any battery for its operation.

Photos and information below clearly show every possible condition pointed out by the PhaΔser.

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Do you want to buy?

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* To be able to discern the phase, a functional earth connection is mandatory on the mains line, otherwise the only condition shown is no. 4

**On this matter, the PhaΔser has not to be used in permanent connection to mains, or used as a “night light” , but exclusively as a useful tool to identify mains phase.


Phase is in accordance with the red mark on the plug.

Phase is on the opposite side of the red mark on the plug.

The phase is not clearly defined: the mains has a double-phase state.

The plug where the PhaΔser is connected (or the full mains line) does not have an earth connection or the plug is disconnected from the mains.