Max Phi

MAX PHI- Ionized alkaline water and energized with MAX PHIwater™ technology, the natural antioxidant

  • Produce oxygen
  • Neutralize harmful free radicals
  • Increase your energy level
  • Correct the acid/alkaline body
  • Cellular hydration
  • Reduce many symptoms such which are the consequence of dehydration and acidity

Product certified by sols

Retail price: € 2435,00

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With MAX PHI project’s: “live long and prosper”, we have focused our research upon relieving the congestions and enriching of life promoting informations the most valuable and precious living being asset: water.


Following this vision,we have developed an instrument totally integrated with Chanson ionizers: the PHIWATER. This device is working in ideal synergy with Chanson Ionizers to produce the perfect water, pure, regenerative, healthy and highly energetic: a living water.

In order to allow energetic information to be able to maintain its life promoting information, it is crucial that:

  • the molecular/crystalline form of water must not be altered by interference that distort energy information (entropic information)
  • it must contain a sufficient quantity of syntropic energy information: life promoting information.

The water flowing through it, in addition to benefit from the current ionization process, it becomes enhanced by life promoting informations, turning into a vital, lively, truly life promoting water.

The three fundamental steps:

  • filtration
  • ionization
  • energization

In a single word PHIWATER: ionized water and coherent energy by CHANSON

Analysis ORP (oxidation reduction potential) of mains drinking water (in oxidation state). In the specific water of comparison, the value of ORP of +270 mV is

Analysis ORP (oxidation reduction potential) of mains drinking water after treatment with MAX PHI shows the new redox potential acquired. In the specific water has increased from a value of +270 mV to a value of -433 mV