MiniBlack EV

MiniBlack EV

Mains filter for the condensation of the non-biocompatible electromagnetic component

The MiniBlack Evolution is at the same time a technological and functional evolution in respect to the former model.

Beyond its powerful filtering capabilities between phase and neutral, it holds inside digitized subtle functions and informations borrowed from it’s fellow worker Orpheus.

Equipped with a single output socket, but with two filtering cells toward earth with the intent to get rid of the interferences that pollute more and more this fundamental conductor. Earth filtering is not only a distinctive MiniBlack EV ingredient (shared with the Orpheus EV), but it is also a nearly unique element in the broad field of instruments devoted to the disposal of mains interferences, either dense and subtle.

This “interbreed process” has improved the mains harmonics mitigation effectiveness and has strengthen its energy harmonization capabilities, thanks to the digitized informations, at the same time keeping the over voltage and destructive mains pulses protection.

The MiniBlack EV with its 2300W max power handling capabilities is advised to work with TV sets, PC, video-projectors and in general all appliances that can take advantage of a good filtering action and a superior surge protection. The Audio sector is It’s natural field of intervention where it can be installed together with any electronics, or even upfront to the whole installation, ensuring  both an excellent protection and a perceptible sound quality improvement.

The MiniBlack EV is a filter that distinguish itself from the other AEtere’s instruments thanks to it’s peculiar technical capabilities. At the same time, it is engineered to perfectly work in synergy and resonance not only with the Orpheus but with all other AEtere’s instruments. It is a compact, flexible device, born to satisfy with highest flexibility all possible circumstances, needs and gear.

Single multistandard 16A Socket
(Italian 10 and 16A plugs, USA, Schuko)
Dim. (WxHxL): 56x50x107 mm, weight ~0.5Kg

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Retail price: € 365,00

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Prodotto certificato SOLS

Noise attenuation on the power line

The graph expresses the decibel attenuation of the MiniBlack EV filter as a function of frequency. The black curve represents the attenuation of the differential mode disturbances, while the green curve concerns the attenuation of the same on the ground conductor.

This graph is of comparative use, ie it can be compared to any other network filter on the market having been obtained using the input / output impedance of standard tests for this kind of apparatus, 50/50 ohm.

MiniBlack EV – Decibel attenuation at various frequencies. Standard input / output impedance 50/50 ohm.