The “REGENERA” is one of the three Electro-testers that make up the DBS kit, (together with the “MUNDUS” and “GENESIS”) each of which conveys specific digital informations into the environment.

“Each of the three tools that is part of the DBS kit generates a sudden and powerful increase in coherence orders in the etheric flow of the environment, not accompanied by harmonization information. This essential feature determines that the use of the DBS can only be done by operators with sufficient training (BRA). “

The DBS Kit was conceived and designed to be an essential tool for “professional installation” of Aetere’s instrumentation.

“The Rigenera uses the electrical carrier to“ deliver ”Environmental Reset information. The information within this module minimizes the Resulting Vibrational Disorder, the background noise resulting from the chaotic interference of perturbations of both geological, artificial and contextual origin. “

Aether’s technology contains “softwares”. When the instruments are installed and inserted into the electrical system circuit, these softwares become operational and interact on the environmental energy context.

Once the installation has been completed and the specific use of the electrotester is operational, it acquires an important new purpose that can be perfectly integrated.

In addition to the “reset” action, the “REGENERA” is in fact able to perform a “refresh” operation: it is an Anglo-Saxon term that literally means:

  • To update
  • Reload
  • Renew
  • Freshen up

In computer language it has a technical meaning: in RAM, the refresh is the cyclic rewriting of data in the memory to prevent this data from being lost.

In summary the REGENERA:

If installed separately in a plant it can operate an environmental energy reset through a powerful increase in the orders of vibrational coherence.

If periodically installed in an electrical system already equipped with an installation, Aetere’s is able to “refresh, update, renew” the memories and therefore the softwares contained in the installed instruments, going to “reload” the entire installation.


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