Technical Specifications

The Vault Stone (V-Stone) is an instrument that represents the fifth element of the alchemical tradition and that in the construction of a Sacred Space is placed at the top, to become a real Vault Stone.

This fifth pillar is designed to irradiate biocompatible harmonic information. Connected with the four Key-stones, it completes the ideal energy structure of space, taking advantage of the resonance mechanism.

The V-Stone represents both the core of origin and the energy fulcrum around which all other Key-stones resonate but also the entire range of AETERES instruments.

To achieve maximum yield, the V-Stone must be positioned in the center of space, at the intersection point of axes and energy diagonals, but like all our instruments, there is a margin of adaptability of the optimal placement, without a significant loss of its effectiveness.

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The V-Stone is also self-powered and can be used both in an outdoor and indoor space, but its resonant communication with other instruments can be compromised by the presence of walls or barriers.

Its operation and effectiveness is enhanced and potentiated by its position on Tau, an instrument specifically intended to be a Toroidal Energy Amplification Unit.



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The installation of the V-stone represents the completion of a toroidal harmonic space, with high energy quality, able to determine a biologically harmonizing and creative-inspiring environment. The resonance between the individual elements defines and realizes a three-dimensional vibrational geometry capable of generating a frequential quintessence that promotes life.


Healing Spaces

Physiologically optimizes renewal and mending processes.

Harmonizes the environmental frequencies establishing the prerequisite for the natural expression of theta/alfa brainwaves (4 to 12 Hz), distinctive of a wellbeing and relaxed condition.

Creative Spaces

Restores the environmental natural energy flow, fills the “background noise”, raises the energy orders and transmute an artist or professional studio in a “Rare Place”.

Listening Spaces

Synergetically placed with the four Keystones or together with an adequate mix of AETERE’S environmental re-harmonizing instrumentation, it is able to create a vibrational quintessence fostered by the elements that establishes, raises and marks the boundary of a “sheltered” environment inside which oneself meditation (meditation space), musical enjoyment (listening room) or ideas expression (conference room) is extolled.

Vault Stone

The laying of the “Vault Stone” and the fifth Element Harmony

The founding of a physical space, as much as an energy one, always begins with an accurate layout with boundaries marked of cornerstones and the creation of strong, earthly foundations. Above them, vertical walls will support a roof, a shelter, the vault of heaven.

These are the prime causes that leads any of AETERE’S working plans. At all times, the purpose is to restore and enforce the inner balance of living spaces, raising strong and harmonic energetic environments.

The need to be able to operate in the open or in spaces devoid of electrical systems, moved us to examine with extreme care the founding principles of the ancient sacred architecture, reassessed in the light of the existing scientific knowledge.

So much so, that the choice to keep the traditional terminology, typical of the alchemic language, stands to underline our steadfast efforts to blend and keep up to date the healthy knowledge that evolved within millennia.

After the completion of the four basic cornerstones (the Key-Stones) that radiates in space the harmonic frequencies of the four elements of the tradition (Focus, Aer, Aqua and Terra) we now top it all with the fifth element: the sacred space Vault Stone. It stands for the prime vibrating and radiating core, the heart of the harmonic flux and the energizing apex.

Choosing the name

V-Stone: meaning both “Vault Stone” and “fifth stone”, adopting the Roman numeral “V” which adds itself to the other four cornerstones, the Keystones.


The V-Stone is an instrument to be placed at the center of the other Keystones in order to “close” an energy harmonizing circuit or a transmutation one, if we use the alchemic equivalent term. It could act as an harmonizing element by itself, but it has been engineered to be the heart, the apex and the completion of a multifaceted instrumental kit.

Choosing the shape

The V-Stone has the same diameter and cylindrical shape of the PHI, so it fits perfectly into the TAU that represents its natural seat of further amplification. Exactly alike the PHI, the V-Stone body is divided by six grooves into equivalent segments, in which four of them holds the same Keystones pixel engravings. Those schemas depicts our digitalized conversion of the four elements. These engravings acts both to graphically underline the harmonizing nature of the fifth element and to help to properly positioning the V-Stone into the Keystone boundary space.

The Technology

Born to resonate and harmonize together with the Keystones, the V-Stone repropose the same technological nature.
Powered by a lithium battery, the metallic cylinder also holds a “reactor”, a toroidal condensing and amplifying element, a digital memory medium and a dodecahedral quartz crystal corresponding to the platonic solid fifth element (cosmic ether).