Aetere's in Art

Artist work as environmental technology: how and on which amount a work of art can have effect on the environmental energy

In the last two years Aetere’s addressed the study of a new research line: energy in art.

We studied how and on which amount a work of art can affect the environmental energy taking in account a series of parameters connected to sacred geometry dynamics and the energy flows in space. [see articles: L’interazioneNell’arte]

Demand of a deep study rose from exchanges and cooperation with art professionals and from experiences of some E.B.B. (Energetic Building Biology) operators that, during an environmental survey, detected energetic gaps placing work of art in spaces not fit for. From here came the intuition of using works as environmental technology able of widening and irradiating thin energy with possibility of favourably modifying space and inhabitants there living.

The successive passage was of involving other artists and experts available to receive proposals to analyse and read works of art by a different point of view. A prospect that considers only a series of functional parameters to let a work “energetically act” and transmit (in the best efficient way) harmony and energy to modify the energetic circulation and to contribute to the environmental decongestion.

So it was originated, in cooperation with the artist Viola Di Massimo, the “Viola Project” and successive spreading of knowledge by seminaries and public conferences made since 2014 at Viola’s Studio in Rome and in other Italian cities.

Aetere’s will study and deal with art works as Environmental Technology inside the range of the B.R.A. (Biocompatibilità e Riarmonizzazione Ambientale) solutions and will be trait d’union among artists, works, EBB operators and final users of the space to be energetically treated.