Sinapsi Keystones EV

SINAPSI KEYSTONES EV: it’s a technical and technological evolution of the four “constituent elements of harmony” that has been achieved thanks to two important developments:

  1. The refinement of the geometries of the construction components.
  2. The increase in the weight of digital informations poured into the memory media.

Technical Specifications

The kit consists of four monoliths that represent the four elements of the alchemical tradition and that are protagonists of the foundation and construction of a Sacred Space. They were placed geometrically, according to a precise orientation, at the corners of the square (Corner Stones), our Keystones.

These pillars, in addition to support the energy structure, are connected and communicate with each other, as brain synapses, exploiting the mechanism of resonance and stationary waves. From every individual instrument waves carry out the characteristic information. The harmonic fusion of the four “elementary frequencies” generates the quintessence.

To achieve maximum yield, Keystones must be positioned following this geometric logic:

  • Keystone Focus: Northwest Corner
  • Keystone Aer: northeast corner
  • Keystone Aqua: southwest corner
  • Keystone Earth: southeast corner

There is a margin of adaptability in orienting monoliths, which allows them to be modified optimally, without a significant loss of their effectiveness.

After the installation is completed it’s possible to appreciate a high degree of harmony and biocompatibility at the intersection of the two energy diagonals. In such a context, the presence of a subject with a resonant element (Phi-Phiwater), makes him the central protagonist of this energy space and, regardless of the position he occupies within it, the person becomes the “fifth element”.

Being self-powered, they can be used both in an outdoor and indoor space, but their communication can be compromised by the presence of walls or barriers.

To get the maximum the Keystones should be put as for the geometrical Keystone Focu rule.

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Creation of a three-dimensional energy field of toroidal shape with high energy quality able to determine a biologically harmonizing and creative-inspirational environment. The resonance between the individual elements defines and realizes a three-dimensional vibrational geometry capable of generating a frequencial quintessence that promotes life.


Healing Spaces

  • Physiologically optimizes regeneration and repair processes
  • Harmonizes environmental frequencies creating the conditions for the natural dominance of theta/alpha brain waves (from 4 to 12 Hz), characteristics of a state of well-being and relaxation.

Creative Spaces

It restores the natural spatial energy flow, saturates the “background noise”, raises energy orders and coverts a professional or artist’s studio into an “Ideal Place”.

Listening spaces

The frequency quintessence that the elements generate, delimits, founds and raises a “protected” space, within which listening to “self” (meditative space), sounds (music room) and ideas (conference room) is exalted.



Price: € 2960,00

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Prodotto certificato SOLS

All ÆTERE’S products are the result of a technical but also a stylistic quest, with the best suitable materials and the most effective workmanship methods choosed in order to obtain a product that goes through a rigorous quality control prior to be defined “done”.

This product has been treated in order to acquire a peculiar finish, a stylistic effect obtained exclusively with handiwork techniques. For this reason it’s impossibile to guarantee full appearance homogeneity for all products: look variations are absolutely normal and must not be considered imperfections but rather the evidence of the uniqueness and originality of the product you selected.