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P.H.I. is an instrument of personal harmonization.

It’s an interface, digitally programmed, to modulate, harmonize and transform the frequencies of energy flows, making them consistent with the characteristics of biocompatible energies.

Actions & Functions

Supplied by an internal battery, is:

  • Attracts by the absorption side the non-biocompatible environmental energies, i.e. those energies that damage the balance of the person’s energy system.
  • Harmonizes and transform them into biocompatible forms, through the work of algorithms operating in the internal circuit.
  • Emits by the irradiation side a powerful beneficial flow of biocompatible energies.

These three ACTIONS are the basis of AETERES toroidal technology. They recreate the correct flow dynamics that universally organize any energy system present in nature, generating a three-dimensional energy field of TOROIDAL SHAPE that is the IDEAL STRUCTURE/SHAPE to guarantee the vital FUNCTIONS of an energy system.

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Prodotto certificato SOLS

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