Orpheus EV
Orpheus EV

Orpheus Evolution is a high-performance network filter, specifically for electromagnetic disturbances. This instrument:

  • filters and eliminates background noise and any electromagnetic disturbance (electrosmog, dirty electricity) present in electrical networks.
  • condenses and harmonizes non-biocompatible ambient electromagnetic disturbance.
  • protects equipment from impulsive noise, surges and network harmonics.
  • optimizes the audio/video rendering of connected instruments: better contrast and color saturation, greater white purity, snow and flicker effects elimination or attenuation, more detailed definition.

ORPHEUS EV is indicated in all situations of high electromagnetic pollution and dirty electricity networks (e.g. offices) where crowding of electronic equipment (PCs, faxes, printers, photocopiers, halogen lamps, low consumption lamps, air conditioners, etc.) causes sudden malfunctions or blackouts to the themselves devices. In these situations the ORPHEUS EV is suggested not only on individual computer equipment, but also as protection for dedicated servers, routers, gateways, analog modems, ISDN or ADSL, switchboard.

It’s possible connecting to the ORPHEUS EV: DVDs, TELEVISIONS, projectors, multichannel systems, Personal Computers, monitors, LCD or plasma panels, mixers and generally any professional consumer electronics or audio-video equipment that requires high protection from impulsive noise, surges and network harmonics. Depending on the network conditions encountered, the use of ORPHEUS EV on televisions, monitors, projectors (and generally on video equipment) can bring benefits found in increased contrast and color saturation, greater  white purity, complete elimination or attenuation of snow and flicker effects, more detailed definition.

The Orpheus technology is the outpcome of a 15 years project.

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Orpheus EV

ORPHEUS EV is a passive network filter organized in four progressive filter cells working on neuter and phase. There are three progressive filter cells also on the ground connection to minimize disturbs coming by this way too.

The filtering is bidirectional: it isolates equipment from the network and avoids that the same equipment cause disturbs on the network and by this way other equipment. The 4 output sockets too are each other electrically decoupled to avoid reciprocal interactions getting thr same efficacy possible with 4 independent filters.

The circuit is compounded by 30 different high quality elements: all the condensers are made up of double metallization polypropylene of self-healing type (i.e. able to selfrepairing in case of damage on the dielectric). All the circuit is encapsulated in epoxy resin featured by high stability and mechanical resistance.

The encapsulation avoids to ORPHEUS EV dust, humidity and external vibrations, and makes it silent.

The frame is made up on all sides of 3mm thick monobloc anticorodal anodized extruded aluminium. The frame is completely shielded to minimize the effect of inwards (EMI and RFI) and outwards electromagnetic fields.

The graph express the db attenuation of the ORPHEUS EV as function of frequency. The yellow line represents the attenuation of frequencies unrelated to the mains one concerning differential mode noise, the blue one is related in the same way but deals with common mode noise and the green one shows noise attenuation on the ground connector.
(in/out test impedance 50/50 ohm)

Retail price: € 890,00

Four 16A multistandard outlets that accepts Schuko, USA and Italian plugs.
Dimensions (LxHxP): 370 x 55 x 105 mm
460W max output.

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