Astreo is an instrument that, by condensation, reduces  the electrotoxicological disorders  caused by high frequency electromagnetic waves in the electricity grid of the rooms.

It reduces the electrotoxicological effects due the progressive increase in the use of high-frequency electronic technologies (5G, WiFi, artificial lighting, etc.) that generates a new type of electromagnetic pollution called “Dirty Electricity”. These disturbances propagate first along the electricity grid and, by induction, in the space around wiring, making necessary to develop specific products.

Astreo is particularly suggested in presence of Dirty Electricity. It condenses a large amount of of the electrical noise of the network. To more condense Dirty Electricity throughout the apartment it can work too in combination with Greenwave Sols filters.

ASTREO is an innovation and integration tool between “dense and subtle”:

  • An effective condensation device for electrical and electromagnetic disturbances has been inserted inside, specifically designed to contain the “cloud” of congestion resulting from its work
  • A triple resin finish prevents electromagnetic disturbance from radiating for a distance of more than 1 cm from the surface of the instrument.
  • The cleaning of the electric carrier improves the instrument’s performance as vector and dispenser of its “harmonizing” information, which is an evolution in the condensation of non-biocompatible thin electromagnetic radiation; this even those deriving from 5G technology.
  • More intense is the dirty electricity-related disorder, more intense is the transmission of subtle information. In this way the benefits of Astreo extend not only locally, but also to the information conveyed by other devices in the AEtere’s range.
  • It amplifies the effectiveness and optimizes the work of the other AETERES INSTRUMENTS already installed.

Warning: to work in the best way the instrument needs a lag time. After its installation it’ necessary waiting for 20 minutes.

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Retail price: € 840,00

Measures: 57x50x107 mm, ~0.46 Kg

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