MiniBlack Phiwater

Main Points

  • WATER: an element of vital importance and a crystalline “memory” support
  • WATER TECHNOLOGY MINIBLACK-PHIWATER: characteristics and action
  • SAT PROTOCOL (VISION LAB): the visible parameters of energy quality


Mains filter for the condensation of the non-biocompatible electromagnetic component

The MiniBlack PHIWATER represents an application “specialization” of the previous MINIBLACK EV filter.

The same hybridization process to which the MINIBLACK EV was subjected improved the effectiveness of the attenuation of network harmonics and enhanced its energy harmonization capacity thanks to the subtle digitized information designed to optimize the effectiveness of any treatment device of drinking water powered by electricity, maintaining protection against overvoltages and destructive network impulses, maintaining the high filtration power of electrotoxicological disorders and conveying salutogenic information with a high degree of coherence.

The MiniBlack PHIWATER is also a filter which, with its particular technical characteristics, stands out from the other instruments in the AEtere’s range and is also integrated to work in synergy and resonance with the ORPHEUS and the other AEtere’s instruments. A compact instrument designed to satisfy with maximum flexibility as many situations, needs and devices as possible.

One 16A multistandard output socket
(Italy bypass, Schuko)
Dimensions (LxHxD): 57x50x107 mm, ~0.5Kg weight


A special element characterized by numerous unique characteristics of extraordinary importance for life.

Water is the very symbol of life, which could not exist without the two fundamental elements that compose it: hydrogen and oxygen. The greatest quantity of hydrogen and oxygen on earth is found in water and these three elements represent the fundamental triad of life on earth. It is also the only substance on the planet that is found in the three classical states: liquid, gaseous solid and in the special liquid crystal state (Clusters, structured water)

Water is an electric dipole: that is, a molecule composed of a pair of oppositely charged particles placed at a certain distance from each other; the ends of the two hydrogen atoms in fact behave like a positive pole/cathode and the oxygen side like a negative pole/anode. These weak bonds determine the polarized arrangement of water molecules by holding them together and play a crucial role in stabilizing the shape of many of the large molecules found in living matter. At the same time, thanks to this polarity the water molecule continuously changes into a new chemical entity that never stays still and this characteristic makes it the means of radical transformation.

By virtue of this polarizing property water is a universal solvent, that is, a natural solution that breaks the bonds of larger and more complex molecules and this property is determined by the surface tension of its molecules which is the highest surface tension of all liquids.

Water is a “memory” support: it is a medium which, when placed in contact with a substance, is able to “perceive and acquire” its specific characteristics, to “save” this energetic information in its crystalline memory and to acquire new characteristics, even if its chemical structure remains unchanged.

Water is a carrier of information that increases electromagnetic communication within organisms thanks to its high conductivity and its structural architecture, which is much more important than its chemical composition. In nature there is no isolated water molecule but rather a specific group of molecules (10-20) united by an electromagnetic bond that form “clusters”, the typical structures of liquid crystals, substances that do not pass directly from the liquid state to the solid, but which in particular conditions are able to organize themselves into intermediate phases which present characteristics of both the crystalline solid state and the liquid one.

Water is a fundamental carrier of salutogenesis, capable of bringing nutrients to the cells (anabolic phase) but is equally indispensable for removing waste substances from cellular metabolism out of the cells and the body (catabolic phase).

Water is a medium that is very sensitive to interference produced by electromagnetic fields: when it undergoes the influence of a magnetic and electric field, some structural activities and some essential properties such as surface tension
are distorted, reducing its vital charge.


In recent decades we have witnessed a massive and very rapid development of technology in general and electronic engineering specifically. The ubiquity of its applications and the stunning speed of the diffusion and development process are having a “monstrous” impact on what some researchers now define as “electrified civilization”.

Electrotoxicological disorders represent one of the environmental attackers studied by modern Environmental Toxicology caused by artificial radiant electromagnetic fields produced by technology, which fall into the category of electromagnetic pollution or “electrosmog”. Of extraordinary relevance, both in terms of diffusion and danger, is certainly the radio frequency pollution produced by the new generations of wi-fi data transmission (5G, 6G), but it is not the only source of artificial environmental aggression.

Dirty electricity and electro-magnetic interference are two electrotoxicological disturbances that move through the electricity grid and are produced by modern electronic equipment that converts the standard 50 Hz of alternating current into other forms of energy.

“Dirty” electricity spreads within the home and the environment, through electrical cables, water pipes, stray earth currents and high voltage lines, radiating into the interior spaces of homes and of work environments, exposing people in these environments to potentially harmful electromagnetic radiation. Unfortunately, there are numerous internal dirty electricity sources:

  • Neon tubes
  • Energy saving fluorescent bulbs
  • Switches and intensity regulators
  • Computers and laptops
  • Printers
  • Televisions
  • Video game stations
  • Stereo systems
  • Batteries and Transformers to recharge PCs and Smart phones
  • Solar energy systems
  • Heating or air conditioning units
  • Kitchen appliances Dryers and dishwashers
  • Hair dryer
  • Cordless (DECT) phones
  • WiFi routers (wireless fidelity): this is a technology based on microwave radio frequencies for data transmission in wire-less mode.

This type of pollution affects any electrically powered instrument, including all water treatment devices, like purifiers (microfiltration and/or reverse osmosis) or ionizers, with the result that the water circulating inside them will be subjected to an inevitable electromagnetic interference which will damage its chemical, physical and energetic properties, qualities and functions.


When information and energy meet water, life arises.
Informing means “giving shape”, that is, giving order. The principles of the intrinsic order of energy are structured and visible in the forms; every natural energy manifests itself according to rigorous formal models.

The order, the harmony of a form, are conditioned by the quality of the information that guides and determines its structuring and which moves and is transmitted thanks to energetic carriers. Therefore, the vital charge, the biologically active value of water, like any other carrier, does not depend only on its physico-chemical qualities, but also on the harmonious quality of its energetic information which determines its salutogenic capacity to create order and promote life.

AETERE’S technology not only deals with filtering, dissipating and condensing the physical pollution produced by the various sources (natural and artificial) of environmental aggression, but also represents an instrumental interface designed to modulate, inform, harmonize and energize the information of the various energy flows, making them coherent and biocompatible.

Inside the MINIBLACK-PHIWATER two complementary technologies work in synergy: one dedicated to the filtering and condensation of the electromagnetic carrier, the other to the harmonization of the information transported by the carrier.

Equipped with a single output socket but with two filter cells towards ground in order to also eliminate the disturbances that increasingly pollute this very important conductor. Ground filtering is not only a distinctive element of this product (which it shares with the new version of the ORPHEUS EV) but also almost unique in the general panorama of tools designed to eliminate network interference, both dense and subtle. The new instrument, like the previous MINIBLACK EV, is a network filter for the condensation of the non-biocompatible electromagnetic component within which some functions and subtle digitized information of the PHIWATER have been integrated

Only through this combined work is it possible to guarantee that the vital charge of the water delivered by the instrument is at the highest possible level of biocompatibility and salutogenic effectiveness.

FORM-FUNCTION: the SAT extraction methodology

VisionLab’s exclusive SAT extraction procedure studies the energetic characteristics of the macrocrystalline formations, obtained after the phases of the extraction procedure, and expresses an evaluation of the energetic and vibrational quality of the analyzed remedies and not a conventional chemical or physical organoleptic scientific judgment on the samples analyzed. The order of the macrocrystals emerges and manifests itself in the sample thanks to the intrinsic forces present in nature which determine the formation of various crystalline models, which can be more or less harmonious and which visually describe the presence of coherent or disharmonious cohesion forces depending on the energetic quality of the information contained in the analyzed sample. At the end of the procedure, the emerging macrocrystalline structures are tested and the interpretation of the crystallographic analysis follows precise factors and parameters (13), some of which are particularly useful for understanding the work carried out by the MINIBLACK-PHIWATER, the effectiveness of which will be directly visible in the photos of the crystallizations.

Through the analysis of “Angular structures and shape relationships (4)” it was established that 90° angular crystalline structures are typical of electromagnetic pollution. In the attached photos you can easily appreciate how, after the instrumental treatment, these distortions were eliminated and the correct vital patterns were restored.

The same effectiveness can also be found in other parameters:

  • In the clear decrease of “Cloudy areas of crystallization or dark areas of inconsistency in deposits (5)”
  • In the appearance of “Radian and fractal configurations (10,11)”
  • In restoring the “Coloring and sharpness of structures 12)”.
  • In the appearance of “Systematicity, symmetries and analogical shapes of crystalline matrices (13)”




Thanks to the collaboration with the Swiss laboratory VisionLab for the crystallographic variants of water subjected to subtle energization dynamics, we are collecting invaluable experimental confirmations regarding the effectiveness of AEtere’s Technology in the environmental field. The VisionLab laboratory in Zurich proposes and creates an innovative scientific perspective to analyze and research the energetic quality of matter.

VisionLab’s exclusive SAT extraction procedure studies the energetic characteristics of the macrocrystalline formations, obtained after the phases of the extraction procedure, and expresses an evaluation of the energetic and vibrational quality of the analyzed remedies and not a conventional chemical or physical organoleptic scientific judgment on the samples analyzed.

This is an extraordinary method, which determines the crystallographic quality of energy, based on the very delicate diagnosis of the crystallographic phenomena obtained after the high-temperature SAT extraction process and subsequent high-definition dark field microscopic and photographic analyses.

To evaluate the quality of the active energy in matter, it is necessary to try to understand what the “vital charge” of the substance is which in nature manifests itself in a specific morphology and is expressed through equally specific forms in the SAT crystallization images.

And in synergy with the SOLS research department and in collaboration with various university scientific centers, which offer scientific validation protocols on water and confirmation of the validity of equipment that deals with its filtration, ionization and energization, tests were carried out on PHIWATER. The data that emerged determined the ability of this technology to create a continuous toroidal flow at the end of the cycle consisting of the three fundamental steps to achieve the highest possible water quality today: filtration, ionization and energization.

Price: € 460,00

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