Tau is “a Toroidal Amplification Unit” capable of exponentially enhancing the effectiveness of PHIs. The toroidal energy field generated by PHI undergoes an increase in both volume of work and harmonizing quality, also becoming an effective instrument for environmental reharmonization and biocompatibility.


tau3309The instrument has at its peak a housing, made of conductive material called “central core” that houses the PHI. Once placed, the PHI connects, by direct conduction, to the amplification circuit inside the Tau that acts as a resonance chamber to the toroidal flow generated by the PHI, going to exponentially amplify the strength, power and volume of irradiation. The final effect is the activation of a specific energy flow, harmonized and harmonizing of a very wide toroidal shape. Tau is a multifaceted and eclectic tool that allows you to choose, from a wide range of possible operational configurations, the one desired by the user.


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Principles of operation and operational configurations

tau8The central core can accommodate and connect with both sides of the PHI: both projecting and absorbent.

PHI generates a harmonized and harmonizing ascending toroidal flow, directed from the absorbent face to the projecting one; the flow generated by the Tau follows identical dynamics; the “ideal” configuration is that the PHI is housed with the absorbent face resting on the core of the TAU. This configuration, which respects the flow dynamics of the two instruments, causes the two toroidal flows to be in phase and constructively interfering with each other generating an exponentially greater flow of intensity.

It is possible to reverse the positioning of the PHI, placing it with the projecting face in contact with the central core; this results in a different flow mode, intended for specific use; the choice between the possible configurations and their respective functional characteristics is linked to the discretion and operational needs of the user. The specificities of each individual configuration will be described in detail elsewhere

Irradiation mode

The instrument is also eclectic in its projection mode; in fact, we have the possibility to choose from at least 4 modes of action:

  1. Direct
  2. Direct + volumetric (inserting the cable of one of the two outputs into the earth of the electrical system)
  3. Direct + point (inserting the cable of one of the two outputs into an external plate or one or more electrodes)
  4. Direct + volumetric + point form (using both output cables)


Tau has been designed and built to be a powerful and versatile professional tool. The many irradiation options and multiple combinations of the information content that is amplified and irradiated need to be deepened appropriately. Here we can outline the more general areas of intervention.

Tau may be used:

  • As an environmental energy reharmonization instrument (Geo-BRA): it is a perfect tool to be inserted in home environments, offices, clinics and healing spaces.
  • As a Professional tool of TheraPhi (Energy harmonisation of the Person): the peculiar operations of the 2 PHI (PHI/PHIWater; PHI+PHIWater) are amplified exponentially and, thanks to the output cable, can be directed discretionaryly to specific points and areas of the body to be rebalanced and energized.
  • As a professional tool for purifying, harmonizing and energizing any energy memory medium; thanks to the output cable it is possible to rearmonize water, crystals, vibrational remedies in general (essences, Bach flowers, homeopathic remedies, etc.).



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Phi/Phiwater is not included with the TAU

TAU Manual- Toroidal Amplifying Unit

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