The TAU is an extremely versatile instrument that literally means “Toroidal Amplification Unit”, able to boost the Phi/Phiwater effectiveness.


tau3309That TAU is an extremely flexible instruments that is able to perform very well under very many operating configurations. The upper housing, called “central core”, has been devised to house in contact both the radiating or the absorbing side of the Phi/Phiwater, for a total of four possible informative patterns. In all these configurations, the Phi/Phiwater becomes a sort of “activating hardware” for the TAU which starts to resonate in tune with it and emits an informed, coherent and harmonized toroidal flux.

The PHI energy field is therefore exponentially amplifyed both in workload and in harmonizing quality, enabling the TAU to become an effective re-harmonizing environmental instrument.


The TAU is equipped with two identical outlets, to be used as required. Cables correctly fitted for the TAU outlets are therein enclosed, one is presetted for connecting the TAU to the mains ground, the other one makes the TAU able to connect to other objects, surfaces or for indirectly irradiate specific body parts.

The available outlets improve the TAU flexibility, making possible to choose between four further operational intervention modes:


1. Direct
2. Direct + Volumetric (by means of mains ground connection)
3. Direct + Dot-Like (by means of connection to objects, surfaces or electrodes)
4. Direct + Volumetric + Dot-Like (by means of both outlets simultaneously)


The four operational intervention modes jointly with the manifold informative patterns make the TAU an eclectic, powerful and professional instrument where choosing between different configurations depends by the will and by the operational needs of the user. The great flexibility at disposal needs a proper in-depth analysis that is fully detailed into the Operational Manual, nonetheless we may outline here the general application areas:

โ€ข As a re-harmonizing environmental instrument (Geo-BRA): ideally suited in homes, offices, clinics and healing spaces.

โ€ข As a professional TheraPhi instrument (personal re-harmonization): the Phi/Phiwater properties are not simply amplified but can be directed at will toward specific body areas that needs to be decongested, harmonized and energized.

โ€ข As a professional cleaning, harmonizing and energizing instrument of any memory support: thanks to the output cable it is possible to re-harmonize water, crystals and vibrational remedies in general (essences, Back flowers, homeopatic remedies etc.)

Street Price: โ‚ฌ 980,00

Phi/Phiwater is not included with the TAU

TAU Manual- Toroidal Amplifying Unit