AETERE’S, together with the teaching guide of Dr. Kausal Carlo Cortella Ph.D, general manager of the SWISS ACADEMY SCHOOL OF E.B.B & VISIONLAB, contributes to the achievement of the SPECIAL SOLS EDUCATION PROJECT: Specialization & Training Project in E.B.B. (Energetic Building Biology) and S.I.S. (Subtle Instrumentation Science).

Special Education Project SOLS

The objective is a new, unique and unprecedented path of integrated studies offered with a fresh delivery of contents, even if the contents by themselves are not totally new.


The BRA Training (Biocompatibility and Environmental Reharmonization) by all means represent the opportunity to acquire a wide and useful range of informed resources for the wellbeing of the environment and its inhabitants.

The educational team headed by Roberto Zucchelli and Andrea Amato brings and tunes together leading professionals coming from different disciplines in the “energy of space” field. These collaborations ensure a steady updating of the environmental science “repository of information” proposed in teaching.

The introduction course (Basic Balance) and the professional one (Rare Place), are focused on the electromagnetism and geopathy stress detection, but also provide a complete and detailed framework of all realities, natural and artificial, including those arousing from the latest technologies, which attack a domestic or working environment.

The training is centered toward the acquisition of sensory and perceptual techniques able to independently verify the various energy congestion at work in the observed environment. In the same time, a perceptual data base of experiences and treatments to improve the environment energetic quality is passed on to students. These educational keystones are complemented with an introduction to scientific instrumentation survey and by the acquisition of instrumental installation protocols for a qualified BRA Biocompatibility and Environmental Reharmonization intervention.

TMI (Integrated Manual Therapy) TRAINING

The goal shared by all professionals in the therapeutic area that constitute the HolisticLab (department of multidisciplinary research and training in the field of complementary therapy) is to gather, translate, integrate and consistently develop in a unitary path an impressive amount of data, both theoretical and experimental, leading to a practical methodology in therapeutic practice.

This represents a truly “state of the art” to which we gave the name of “Integrated Manual Therapy: TMI

The course schedule is made of many diversified topics:

  • Quantum Physics
  • Anatomy / Embryology / Physiology
  • “Subtle” Anatomy and “subtle” Physiology
  • Epigenetics
  • Osteopathy
  • PNEI: psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunology
  • NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • NMG: Wave biphasic and Biological Laws
  • Geobiology

The course is organized in annual stages each of which represents a supplementary module. Each module is organized in order to acquire and to integrate new techniques regarding the three therapeutic phases:

  1. Acquisition and integration of new theoretical knowledge
  2. Collection and interpretation of clinical data
  3. Operation techniques and evaluation tests