PHI / PHIwater

Life Promoting Technology


Personal Harmonizing Instrument

The PHI is, literally, an โ€œharmonizingโ€ instrument in the true sense of the word!

It has the purpose to create an harmony, a balance between the user energetic state and the various subtle enviromental energetic interferences sources which interacts with him all the time.
Prodotto certificato SOLS

Subtle Toroidal Technology


An internal battery powered electric pulse activates the PHI, generating a three phase Toroidal Flow:

1. INPUT: environmental entropic energies/congestions absorption.

2. HARMONIZATION: incoming energy stream sorted out via ARC technology. Complex Re-harmonization Algorithms processed by the internal circuit.

3. OUTPUT: powerful Life Promoting Energies stream irradiation

ฮฆ PHI Technology: ARC


The PHIwaterโ„ขis, by all means, an instrument โ€œdedicatedโ€ to Water: from drinkable one to the biologic water-matrix of the cells. Any metabolic process necessary to life occours into the water medium.

The ARC processed by the internal circuit has been engineered and built in order to harmonize the fluidic component and to enrich water of Life Promoting Informations.

Retail price: โ‚ฌ 215,00


PHI Personal Harmonizing Instrument – Subtle Toroidal Technology

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