Orpheus EV
Orpheus EV

Mains filter for the condensation of the electromagnetic non bio-compatible constituens

The ORPHEUS Evolution represents the technological and functional evolution of the preceding model.

The ORPHEUS EV is advisable in any high electromagnetic and dirty electricity polluted environment (offices, for instance) crowded with PCs, printers, fax machines, halogen lamps, low-consumption or LED lamps, air conditioners and so on. Such operating conditions might cause sudden malfunctions or black-outs in the elecronics themselves. In these environments ORPHEUS EV is advisable not only for personal units, but also as a protection for dedicated servers, data centers storage units, routers, wi-fi access/repeaters points, switchers.

ORPHEUS EV units may be connected to DVD players, preamplifiers, amplifiers, Hi-Fi sets, TV sets, video projectors, multi channel setups, Personal Computer, monitors, LCD or plasma panels, mixers and in general any other pro or consumer audio-video electronic requiring a high protection against pulses, current peaks and power supply network harmonics.

Depending on mains network conditions, the deployment of the ORPHEUS EV can bring benefits like a fuller black, deeper contrast and colors saturation along with a better and cleaner white balance to TV sets, monitors, projectors and any video setup in a broader sense. A full elimination or attenuation of snow, flickering and a better detail resolution are common outcomes as well as a vastly improved quality of reproduced sound.

Orpheus EV

Orpheus technology: the distillate of 15 years of research

The ORPHEUS EV is a fully passive mains filter, split in four progressive filtering cells over neutral and live lines. Well three filtering cells are present on the ground line too, to reduce to the minimum noise traveling over this extremely important conductor.

The filtering effectiveness is bidirectional, insulating from mains noise the devices connected to the ORPHEUS EV and at the same time preventing that noise injected by the same connected electronics pollutes the mains network.

Even more, the four outlets (instead of the previous two), are now electrically decoupled from one another to kill at the origin the mutual interactions, obtaining an effectiveness comparable to four indipendent filters.

The circuitry consists of over 30 discrete top-quality components: among those, all caps are double metallized polypropylene self-healing ones, able to restore themselves in case the dielectric gets damaged. The whole circuitry is fully packed into epossidic resin with outstanding characteristics of thermal stability, electrical isolation and mechanical strenght. Such resin packing procedure makes the ORPHEUS EV exempt to dust and humidity, insensitive to external vibrations and cuts the inner generated ones off, making it perfectly silent.

Monoblock extruded anticorodal anodized aluminium case, 3mm thick on all sides, milled with digitally controlled CNC machines. The case is fully shielded so to limit external EMI and RFI fields and minimize internal ones.


The graph express the db attenuation of the ORPHEUS EV as function of frequency. The yellow line represents the attenuation of frequencies unrelated to the mains one concerning differential mode noise, the blue one is related in the same way but deals with common mode noise and the green one shows noise attenuation on the ground connector.
(in/out test impedance 50/50 ohm)

Retail price: โ‚ฌ 890,00

Four 16A multistandard outlets that accepts Schuko, USA and Italian plugs.
Dimensions (LxHxP): 370 x 55 x 105 mm
460W max output.