The MiniBlack is a smaller and less expensive filter in respect to the Orpheus, equipped with just a single outlet but by no means handicapped regarding performance: if on one hand the harmonic reduction effectiveness is less powerful, on the other hand the spikes and overvoltage protection is twice as effective.

Also the ground connection has a different and more effective filtering cell than the Orpheus, engineered so to dim more incisively the noises that are dumped on the ground conductor both from electronic devices and from home and office appliances.

The MiniBlack with its 2300W max power handling capabilities is adviced to work with TV sets, PC, video-projectors and in general all appliances that can take advantage from a good filtering action and a superior surge protection.

The MiniBlack it is not an Orpheus substitute, but rather a different product on its own, a complement born to work in synergy and resonance with the Orpheus and with all other AEtere’s instrumentation even without having subtle digitalized informations by its own. It is a compact instrument engineered to satisfy with the highest flexibility, different circumstances, needs and gear.


Prodotto certificato SOLS

Retail price: € 315,00