The Astreo is a device that operates on the condensation of the electromagnetic energy due to the steady increase of high frequency technology (5G, WiFi, non-linear power supplies, indoor lightning etc.) that taints the electric network creating a new kind of pollution named โ€œDirty Electricityโ€.

This kind of mains electric and electromagnetic noise propagates first of all into the electric net and secondarily, due to induction, in the space surrounding the cabling, requiring the engineering of a dedicated instrument.

The Astreo is such a device, especially made to condense the Dirty Electricity and able to operate on a vast area together with the Greenwave Sols filters.

The Astreo itโ€™s a novelty and a strong integration across โ€œsubtleโ€ and โ€œdenseโ€ technologies:

  • On one hand, Inside the Astreo there is a substantial mains noise electric and electro- magnetic reduction device, furthermore engineered to contain its own congestion โ€œcloudโ€. The triple resinating avoids infact that the electromagnetic energy due to its o- perations radiates more than 1cm from the instrument case.
  • On the other hand, the electric carrier cleansing enables the instrument to better transfer and spread its subtle โ€œharmonizingโ€ informations in the environment. These subtle infor- mations are in themselves an evolution, better able to contrast and condense non bio- compatibile subtle electromagnetic radiations including the ones emitted by 5G devi- ces.
  • More intense is the Dirty Electricity noise, more effective is the subtle informations transmis- sion, so that the Astreo operates not just locally, but extends its reach to all other Aetereโ€™s installed devices. This is an instrument that significantly operates into space and its flux dynamics: in this manner it broadens, boosts and optimizes the work of all other devices.

Itโ€™s important to note that some lag time is needed to stabilize the instrument: after installation about 20 minutes are needed to settle the Astreo into peak performance.

Retail price: โ‚ฌ 840,00

Measures: 57x50x107 mm, ~0.46 Kg